Attachment 3 - Executive Summary - Project Management Service




Attachment 3 – Executive Summary – Project Management Service



Summary of the Project Management Service Specification


1. Service Description

The Catchment Management (Floodplain and Drainage) Service works to reduce flood impacts in the Hawkesbury / Nepean River catchment area.

Identifying Floodplain Management and Drainage issues and with its government partners develops strategies, to respond to these issues, according to Council’s and Government guidelines and plans.

Note: These projects are from Council’s capital works program, Section 94 projects and may include developer constructed projects.


2. Link to Strategic Program

The Project Management Service contributes to Council’s Strategic Plan “2005-2009” Competitive Edge” and Management Plan by delivering selected major Council building and/or civil work projects.


3. Service Objectives

Provide to the satisfaction of Council and the internal clients, professional project management for the delivery of nominated building and/or civil works identified with Council’s capital works program.

Professionally manage building and/or civil work projects which meet the set quality and specification requirements.


4. Scope of Work

Service projects have included:

-     Continuation of the Lenore Drive project (Project value $12 M)

-     Completion of the Penrith Plaza roadworks and stormwater project       (Project value $3.5 M)

Design and Approval Coordination

-     Continuation of the Lambridge Estate roadworks and drainage project   (Project value $5M)

-     Continuation of works associated with the Erskine Park   Road/Mamre Road intersection (Project value $3.5 M)

Client Control

-     Tamara Childcare Centre Refurbishment (Project value $1 M)

-     Erskine Park Childcare Centre Refurbishment (Project value $0.6 M)

Project Coordination

-     Penrith Valley Precinct Development & Refurbishment     (Project value $6 M)

-     Glenmore Park Eastern Hamlets project (Project value $5 M)



5. Key
Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Key Performance Indicator



% of projects on budget



% of projects on time



% of projects that comply with project briefs, codes and standards







6       Service Funding


The 2007-2008 budget for the Project Management Service is $122,634, as shown in the table below. The value of the projects to be constructed is an additional budget component that will vary each year the due to the size and nature of projects undertaken.


Service Components

2007-2008 Budget







Net Cost of Service

$ 122,634

In 2007-2008 a cost recovery component of the service will be introduced to recover $100,000 or 2% of the value of the projects constructed.


7.      Service Summary Chart

















1. Project




2. Project Brief




3. Site Assessment and Evaluation




4. Design and Documentation Co-ordination



5. Construction

and Budget Administration



6. Project Completion Management


1.1.Review Client’s Project Requirements

1.2 Reports to Project Review Group, as required

1.3.Input to Project Requirements by other relevant sections of Council

1.4.Develop and obtain agreement of Project Program





2.1.Scope of Project

2.2.Project Brief Preparation

2.3.Project Brief Approval



3.1.Assist in Site Selection

3.2.Prepare Site Usage Schedule

3.3.Co-ordinate Survey of Services and Geotech Reports

3.4.Co-ordinate and develop Siting Option(s) and Cost Comparisons

3.5.Provide Site Report




4.1.Engage Council’s Design Section and/or design consultant(s)

4.2.Arrange Schematic/ Preliminary Design

4.3.Co-ordinate Detailed Design

4.4.Review Detailed Design, prepare documentation for D.A. submission and obtain approval

4.5.Prepare Tender Documentation incorporating the Design Detail



5.1 Professional advice and input into the tender process

5.2 Tender Evaluation Process

5.3 Regularly report progress to Project Review Group/ Client

5.4.Project Construction Supervision

5.5  Project Finalisation



6.1Manage Practical Completion Stage of Project – Asset handover and review

6.2.Manage Defects   Liability Period