Attachment 4 - Executive Summary - Catchment Management Service




Attachment 4 - Executive Summary – Catchment Management Service


Summary of the Catchment Management Service Specification


1. Service Description


The Catchment Management (Floodplain and Drainage) Service works to reduce flood impacts in the Hawkesbury / Nepean River catchment area.

Identifying Floodplain Management and Drainage issues and with its government partners develops strategies, to respond to these issues, according to Council’s and Government guidelines and plans.


Activities include:  Regional flood studies, stormwater drainage catchment analyses and overland flood flow studies and the development of mitigation options to reduce flood impacts upon existing residential, commercial, industrial and rural areas. Provision of advice and sustainable design options and landuse management plans for future areas of development within the Penrith LGA.


The service extends to the design of the Council’s major stormwater drainage structures and provides a flood and drainage advisory service to both internal and external clients.


This service excludes the design and investigation of small drainage pipelines, supervision of stormwater drainage construction and maintenance work, as well as the water quality of the stormwater as these issues are the responsibility of other service units and are covered by other Service Specifications.





Term Achievement

Critical Action


2. Links to Strategic Program

Issue 18:

Built Environment

T.A. 18.3 A floodplain management policy to protect the built environment is being implemented by Council consistent with Government guidelines

C.A. 18.3A Council’s Floodplain Management Policy is contemporary and is being implemented


3. Service Objectives


Develop and implement a floodplain management policy to protect the existing built environment as well as the future developing areas of Councils’ area.


Maintain a floodplain management policy that is consistent with Government guidelines.


Strategic analysis of Council’s existing stormwater drainage system identifying flood mitigation options.


Maximise grant funding for flood studies and other relevant drainage related investigation projects.


Maintain contemporary Floodplain and Drainage data.



4. Scope of Work


§ Flood Studies

§ Currently reviewing Main Stream flood models including:

o  Nepean River

o  South Creek

o  Ropes Creek

§ Completed LGA overland flow studies

§ Catchment Analysis

§ Overland Flow Studies

o  Citywide overview study completed.

o  Five Urban catchment studies per year – subject to funding.

§ Design Major Drainage Structures

§ Design Briefs, 2 major drainage structural designs prepared:

o  Caddens Road

o  Erskine Park Road

§ Policy Development

·      Approx 20 Urban Design meetings attended per year.

§ Flood and Drainage assessments

o  20 to 30  DA referrals per year.

o  New Release area Flood Drainage assessments approx 5 per year





Key Performance Indicators

Actual 2006-2007

Target 2007-2008

5. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Satisfaction rating of provision of urban and rural planning (medium to high satisfaction)

From Citywide Customer Survey.






% of new assets designed and constructed following the principles of ecologically sustainable design.


















6.         Service Funding


The 2007-2008 budget for the Catchment Management (Floodplain & Drainage) Service allocation is $375,622, this amount includes all operating costs and does not include capital costs unless otherwise stated.



Service Components


2007– 2008 Budget


$  315,628


$      9,994

Contract~ Catchment Management Floodplain Drainage Project (DT03400)

$  150,000



Less Income (Grant funds for Projects)


Net Service Cost

$ 375,622



7.   Service Summary Chart