His Worship the Mayor Councillor Greg Davies, Councillors Jim Aitken OAM, Kaylene Allison, David Bradbury, Lexie Cettolin, Kevin Crameri OAM, Ross Fowler, Jackie Greenow, Karen McKeown, Pat Sheehy AM and John Thain.



PRC 108  RESOLVED on the MOTION of Councillor Ross Fowler seconded Councillor Pat Sheehy AM that apologies be received and accepted from Councillors Mark Davies, Susan Page and Steve Simat.



Leave of Absence was previously granted to Councillor Garry Rumble for the period 8 October 2007 to 31 October 2007 inclusive.


CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES - Policy Review Committee Meeting - 8 October 2007

PRC 109  RESOLVED on the MOTION of Councillor Ross Fowler seconded Councillor Pat Sheehy AM that the minutes of the Policy Review Committee Meeting of 8 October 2007 be confirmed.



 There were no declarations of interest.




Leadership and Organisation


The Director City Strategy, Mr Alan Stoneham, gave a brief overview of the progress of the 2005-2009 Strategic Program –24 Month Review.  Presentations were then made, detailing the progress with the 2005-2009 Strategic Program.


Director – City Strategy (City Challenges)

·        Penrith Lakes – resolution of parkland management, funding model and Council’s continuing role in the planning process

·        Penrith City Centre Strategy and St Marys Town Centre Strategy – public and private investment and stakeholder engagement

·        Infrastructure – delivery, National Growth Areas Alliance Campaign ‘Fund the Gap’, State and Federal support necessary

·        Economic Development – review of model


Director – City Services

·        Children’s Services - Cooperative sustainability and Citywide Children’s Strategy

·        Magnetic Places – program and linkages to other Issues

·        Penrith Valley Cultural Precinct – well underway; delivery timetable and future management model

·        Library Directions Plan – implication for service delivery models

·        Entities – roles and relationships to be reviewed


Director – City Planning

·        Urban Development – Residential Strategy review, affordable housing, reforms to developer contributions

·        Integrated Land Use and Transport Strategy – ‘Buy in’ of State Government agencies and public transport providers

·        Nepean River – management and funding

·        Bushland Corridors – management

·        Climate Change – City and Council dimensions


His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Greg Davies left the meeting, the time being 8:35pm.


His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Greg Davies returned to the meeting, the time being 8:40pm.


Councillor Lexie Cettolin left the meeting, the time being 8:47pm, and did not return.


Director – City Operations

·        Recreation and Leisure – delivering facilities and services and review utilisation of existing facilities

·        Parks Asset and Tree Management – fixed asset renewal and management strategies

·        Public Domain Maintenance – link to the provision of safe and well maintained public space


Chief Financial Officer

·        Resourcing Council’s Program – maintaining a sound financial position with increasing budget pressures, infrastructure renewal and maintenance and rising community expectations

·        Funding CBD Improvements – Property Strategy to stimulate investment in the Centres

·        Services – improving service delivery

·        Information Management – online access to services and information

·        Governance – building on improvements


Councillor Jim Aitken OAM left the meeting, the time being 9:11pm.


Councillor Jim Aitken OAM returned to the meeting, the time being 9:14pm.


Director – City Strategy (Organisational challenges)

·        Workforce Strategy

·        Future industrial relations framework

·        Community Engagement

·        Formulating the next Strategic Plan and Program



General Manager (Concluding comments)

·        Strategic Program has set many stretch goals and there have been changes along the way.

·        Everything in Council’s Program is underway or has been discussed tonight. The Progress Review report shows that nothing has been lost off the agenda. Directors have identified the likely program delivery under current arrangements and any new approaches required.

·        Councillors can take the opportunity at this point to identify any areas of dissatisfaction with the responses outlined in the Review or the challenges discussed by the Directors in their presentation.


His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Greg Davies congratulated the General Manager, Directors and Council Officers on the progress to date.


1        2005-2009 Strategic Program - Mid-Term Review                                                          

PRC 110  RESOLVED on the MOTION of Councillor Pat Sheehy AM seconded Councillor Ross Fowler


1.     The information contained in the report on 2005-2009 Strategic Program - Mid-Term Review be received

2.     The assignment of Issue 9 Recreation and Leisure to the Director - City Operations be endorsed

3.     A report be presented to Council that provides an update on the planning and construction of skate parks in the Penrith Local Government Area

4.     A memo be provided to all Councillors outlining the progress with the production of the next volume of the History of Penrith

5.     A report be presented to Council that provides an update on the savings achieved by Council over recent years in energy and water use and in carbon emissions, including financial savings

6.     A memo be provided to all Councillors on the traffic safety issues of the Mamre Rd/Erskine Park Rd intersection.



There being no further business the Chairperson declared the meeting closed the time being 9:36pm.


I certify that these 3 pages are the Confirmed Minutes of the Policy Review Committee Meeting of Penrith City Council held on 29 October 2007.



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