The meeting opened with the National Anthem.


His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Kevin Crameri OAM read a statement of recognition of Penrith City’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage.


The Council Prayer was read by Rev Neil Checkley.


His Worship the Mayor Councillor Kevin Crameri OAM, Councillors Jim Aitken OAM, Kaylene Allison, Robert Ardill, Greg Davies, Mark Davies, Tanya Davies, Ross Fowler OAM, Ben Goldfinch, Jackie Greenow, Prue Guillaume, Marko Malkoc, Karen McKeown, Kath Presdee and John Thain.



There were no apologies.


There were no declarations of interest.


His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Kevin Crameri OAM read a statement to open the meeting, which acknowledged the concerns the three bin waste system has raised for residents. The Mayor thanked the residents for their contributions to the community and to Council, and highlighted the importance of working with the community to move the system forward.


32  RESOLVED on the MOTION of Councillor Jackie Greenow seconded Councillor Prue Guillaume that Standing Orders be suspended to allow members of the public to address the meeting, the time being 7:45pm.


Mr John Kliese


Item 1- Domestic Waste Service - Three Bin System


Mr John Kliese, spoke to amend the recommendations and highlighted that while the education programs that took place were extensive, the intended message was lost in the process. Mr Kliese stated that the reduction in capacity of the residual red lid bin was not clearly communicated when the new garbage system was being introduced, and also spoke of concerns that the recycling bin capacity has not increased in over ten years, despite a greater emphasis on recycling by the community. Mr Kliese raised concerns that the green organics bin has a greater capacity than the other two bins put together yet it is not being fully utilised. Mr Kliese questioned whether residents in urban areas are subsidising residents in rural areas, due to the differing nature in garbage services provided. Mr Kliese asked three questions relating to the three bin garbage service, and these were addressed by the Council’s Group Manager – City Presentation.


33  RESOLVED on the MOTION of Councillor John Thain seconded Councillor Jim Aitken OAM that an extension of time be granted to Mr John Kliese, the time being 7:51 pm.



Mr Kliese questioned the methods that were used to conduct audits and how they did not recognise the potential problems, however he thanked Council for their productive Workshop held on 8 February 2010. Mr Kliese was happy to support the recommendations with the following amendments:



Mr Kliese concluded by thanking all other residents and Facebook users for their support.


Mr Ian Macgregor


Item 1- Domestic Waste Service - Three Bin System


Mr Ian Macgregor, spoke against the recommendation and discussed a document on Council’s Website titled “Waste Services Information and Facts for Students and the Community”  which offered  a free second recycling bin for those who took up a small bin service, and questioned why this offer wasn’t available now. Mr Macgregor spoke of Lismore Council that offers their residents a 360L recycle bin and believes Council should consider the option of a second recycling bin as this is a service that is utilised highly. Mr Macgregor also asked why Council is not setting an example by providing recycle bins in other public areas in the local government area. Mr Macgregor concluded by questioning the methods used for justifying the implementation of the organics bin, and believes that a free weekly red lid bin should be provided for those residents with legitimate health needs. Mr Macgregor requested that a review is undertaken within 2-3 months to monitor the changes implemented.



34  RESOLVED on the MOTION of Councillor Jackie Greenow seconded Councillor Jim Aitken OAM that Standing Orders be resumed, the time being 8:04pm.





A Green City


1        Domestic Waste Service - Three Bin System

          A number of Councillors took the opportunity to discuss the three bin waste system and offered several topics to be raised and considered by the newly created Waste Services Committee. Councillors acknowledged that so far the implementation of the service has not been as successful as it could have been, however they extended their gratitude to their Councillor colleagues in working together to find workable solutions with the community.

          Furthermore Councillors thanked the wider community for their input and cooperation in bringing their experiences and concerns to Council and engaging with Council over the past few weeks. Finally, Councillors expressed their thanks to the Council staff, in particular the Waste Services call centre staff, for the hard work and professional manner that they have conducted themselves during a difficult time.                                         

35  RESOLVED on the MOTION of Councillor Ross Fowler OAM seconded Councillor John Thain


1.     The information contained in the report on Domestic Waste Service - Three Bin System be received.

2.            Council acknowledges that the implementation of the three bin waste service has not been as successful to date as it could have been.

3.            An optional weekly 140L red lid residual waste bin to all households on the three bin service be provided at an additional cost, on request.

4.            Biodegradable bags in accordance with AS 4736 (for the kitchen organics bin) for the storage of food waste prior to placement in the organics bin be provided to all households using the three bin system as detailed in the report.

5.            An enhanced communication and education program be developed and implemented as detailed in this report.

6.            A Waste Services Committee including community members be formed for the purpose of confirming the communications strategy and overseeing the roll out of the enhanced three bin waste program.


7.            The identified funding for the implementation of biodegradable bags, subsidy for additional weekly collections and education and communication programs, as identified in the report, be funded from the Domestic Waste Reserve for the balance of the 2009/10 financial year and a further report be submitted to Council, via the Waste Services Committee, on options for funding these initiatives from 2010/11 onwards.

8.            Further reports be submitted to Council, via the Waste Services Committee on the following matters:

·        An optional additional yellow lid recycle bin (fortnightly collection) or other workable alternatives be provided at a reduced cost for                                 residents on the three bin waste service

·        Reviewing the design of the bin lids

·        Enhancing the communication and education program to the community

·        Odour control and the use of suitable insecticide products

·        Investigating the option of providing additional collection services at Christmas time

·        To investigate options for the collection of medical waste


There being no further business the Chairperson declared the meeting closed the time being 8:37pm.




I certify that these 4 pages are the Confirmed Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Penrith City Council held on 15 February 2010.



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